Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why I would be an Outlaw Biker...

If it weren't for the unjustified criminality of it I'd be an Outlaw Biker.  Now I know that reads as a contradiction, but let me explain.

Outlaw MC's (the 1% of MC's) demand respect.  Show them disrespect and you're more than likely to end up hurt.  Now I'm not meaning "respect" in the sense of admiration or emulation.  Not at all.  You respect a Grizzly Bear because of its potential lethality.  Same goes with Outlaw MC's. 

Now I ask you, do we respect cops because we admire them or because they have the ultimate power to "take" your life?  Be honest.  So is there much difference in the foundation for the respect for the two groups?

I cannot condone violence and mayhem on innocent people. So when Outlaw clubs do such heinous things they lose my respect and affinity.   On the otherhand, isn't it nice to think that someone would have your back and protect you from others' abuse, attacks, and arbitrary mayhem?  While our legal system purports to do this for us, is it really there for you?  If you're wealthy enough to pay for a good lawyer, or you live in a 'good' neighborhood the answer is yes.  But if you're poor, minority, unconnected, you will probably be, at one time or another, victimized by the system, either by an act of commission or an act of ommission, and you will feel helpless and abused.  It's pretty hard to beat a system made up of judges and enforcers that are co-dependent.  Yeah, it would be nice to have somebody have your back in tough times.  And in the Outlaw MC's having each other's back is one of the foundations for their success and undeniable draw for many. 

Now before any of you cry, "foul," let me give you a perfect example of how I've seen the sytem abuse one over another.  I was a bail bondsman, and oftentimes I was able to be in the jails when a defendant was given a video hearing.  One day I witnessed back to back video hearings for defendants being held on the same exact DUI charges, both with no prior record.  The first defendant was a "local" white guy charged with DUI.  No wife, no kids, no job.  Released without bail.  Second defendant charged with DUI was a "local" hispanic man, about the same age as the first guy.  No wife, no kids, no job.  $2000 bond!  Go figure.  And this is just one of many true stories of "justice" I've witnessed. 

I wear a tattoo that reads, "Bounty Hunters - Just'us" It's a play on words for an expression I have used for most of my adult life, "There is no justice, just us." Unfortunately, I believe that this statement is true, again, especially when it comes to the little guy, the poor slob who struggles to get by each day, an easy "Mark" for the system to abuse or ignore. Now don't tell me that this isn't true.

Now I've known many good cops, and I've known some "bad" cops, who can never be excused for bad behavior.  But we see time and again cops gone wild on people they come in contact with.  SWAT assassinations, profiling, unauthorized searches, arrest and beatings of people video-taping police actions, etc.  And we hear that those instances are few and far between, only about 1% of police.  1%?  Hmmm. Yet time and again the law enforcers DO NOT get prosecuted for their misdeeds, but instead are supported by "justified" determinations of their peers and the Blue Code of Silence.  Justice? or Just 'us?

So when the Outlaw biker has been abused his fellow MC member exact "just us" on the offender(s).  And isn't that the same formula that government uses to enforce its "justified" will on offenders?  We are told that we cannot "take the law into our own hands."  I agree, but justice may be a different matter. 

Yeah, there are just some fuckers out there that deserve a smack for what they do wrong.  Only the government has the "authority" to exact that, rightly or wrongly, with impunity.  Not so for the Outlaw MC's, however.  I know, we need to have laws for the benefit of society.  I get it.  But we also need justice, and who receives that?

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